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New ownership partner for continued expansion

Stop Digging strengthens its conditions for increased growth and global presence by bringing a new co-owner into the company. On December 14, Sobro became the majority owner and, together with existing owners, will now continue the company’s rapid market expansion.

Sobro new partner Stop Digging

Ragnar Söderberg Sobro, Richard Alm Sluta Gräv samt Maxim Berglund Sobro

Stop Digging is an upstart within the construction industry that offers a modern and cost-effective ground anchor with self-developed ground screws. Stop Digging is an international player located in 12 countries and has 150 authorized partners around the world. The company has a clear agenda aiming for innovative, sustainable and circular construction, which has proven to be a successful concept in the market. Stop Digging has had a fast-growth journey and grew during 2021 by 60 percent compared with previous year.

With Sobro as a new majority co-owner, Stop Digging will have additional resources to navigate in a fast-changing market and maintain a continued rapid pace of expansion.

Richard Alm CEO Stop Digging”It is time for Stop Digging to take the next step and thus welcome Sobro as new a co-owner, says Richard Alm, CEO of Stop Digging. With new partners, we strengthen our competence and increase our capital in the company. This creates the best conditions for meeting our level of ambition for continued rapid growth in the coming years.”

From Tuesday, December 14, Sobro is the majority owner of Stop Digging. Together with Stop Digging’s existing owners, they will work for a continued rapid expansion plan.

”Since the beginning of 2012, Stop Digging has proven that they are an innovative company and unique in a traditional market, both in terms of their services and approach, says Maxim Berglund, partner at Sobro. They have a strong ambition to grow with new partners and in terms of market shares in the global market. With a sustainable and circular offer on the market that reduces time, costs, and carbon footprint, we look forward to an exciting expansion phase.”

About Stop Digging

Stop Digging is based in Helsingborg, is operational in 12 markets, has 150 authorized partners and 18 employees. The company grew by 60 % in 2012.
Environmental certification ISO 14001, quality certification ISO 9001: 2015 for the installation process, products that are ISO 9001: 2015 and CE marked. Highest rating from Swedish Construction Product Assessment which refers to both the chemical content of the ground screws and its impact during the product’s life cycle.

About Sobro

Sobro’s vision is to be a dedicated owner partner for the companies of tomorrow. With a passion for business, a strong focus on corporate culture, and an emphasis on employee development, we aim to build fast-growing, profitable companies with lasting values. In addition to Stop Digging, Sobro is also an owner partner in ByggDialog, Dafo Vehicle, Elastx, Mercur, NCS Colour, Retune, Road Rental, Tengbom, Vinnergi and Zington. For more information, visit

Contact information for further information:
Richard Alm, CEO, Stop Digging
Phone number: +46 70 564 83 01

Maxim Berglund, Partner, Sobro
Phone Number: + 46 72 242 11 55