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Install a fence with a ground screw

A fence may not be the most beautiful thing to have on your plot or land, but in many cases it is necessary. And if you need to protect something – children, animals, plantations or your plot, a fence is probably the most flexible option. Even if a fence does not provide the same wind protection effect as, for example, a plank, it is an affordable alternative that does not require much maintenance.

Starting with; you do not need a building permit to set up a fence so in other words you can set it up anywhere on your plot. With one exception – to set up the fence on the plot boundary requires that you have agreed it with your neighbor.

Easy to assemble

Setting up a fence is not very complicated, however, the material can weigh a lot and in many cases two people may be needed when assembling. Before you acquire your material, you should draw a sketch of the area you want to fence in. Make the sketch as accurate as possible and mark corner posts and gate posts clearly on the drawing. You will enjoy the sketch a lot when you go out to a dealer and buy materials. With the sketch as a basis, the seller gets a clear picture of your building, which means that he can give you the right material and also useful tips.

Be careful with the ground

A common pitfall when it comes to fence mounting is that it is neglected to check the ground on which the fence is to be mounted. There may be water pipes in the ground under your fence that must not break or there is not enough flat ground where the fence gate should be placed. Before you hang up the gate, you should, as I said, examine the ground around the gate properly, as it is important that the area is level so that the gate can be opened and closed without worries. A tip is to also think once more about how big a gate you actually need. Even if you do not plan to drive through the gate with two cars, it may still be practical with a double gate.

Use Sluta Gräv’s ground screw when anchoring your fence

With our ground screws, it will be both cheaper and easier to set up your fence! Instead of digging up the entire garden and putting down concrete plinths, you can use our ground screws with a much better and more stable result.

We have screws for all different types of soil conditions and construction. Our pipe screw is excellent for anchoring a fence, but if you have difficult terrain on your plot, we will help you find the best solution for you!