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More and more people are dreaming of spending their holidays and vacations in the country. In Sweden, we sell and buy Summer houses like never before. For many, a red little house with white knots is the very image of Swedish summer.
There are many Summer houses for sale in Sweden today, but if you do not find exactly what you are looking for, you can always build it yourself. You may even prefer to decide what the Summer house should look like from the ground up.
Speaking of the foundation, you can get a solid and durable foundation to build your Summer house on without digging a sod. It is now easier than ever to arrange a sustainable and stable foundation with the help of our ground screws. When you have decided to build a Summer house without a terminal block, use Sluta Grävs ground screws instead. This saves you both time and money, which you can instead spend on your finished Summer house.


The building rules that apply to a Summer house are basically the same as if you were building a regular villa. However, there is a certain difference which actually means that the building regulations are somewhat freer and not quite as strict for Summer houses. For example, Summer houses do not have the energy management requirements that the construction of a house intended for permanent residence sets.

There is also not the same requirement for space, for example for how big the kitchen should be in relation to other areas in the house. In the same way, Summer houses lack requirements for accessibility and how different surfaces must be adapted for the disabled. On the other hand, a two-meter freeway applies to stairs and doors for safety reasons, just like in a normal residential building.

To build a summer house

To build your own summer house, you must first have found a plot where you are allowed to build the house you want on. There are many things that can be changed afterwards but not the situation. It is therefore important that you really take the time to find the right place for your Summer house. You need a building permit to build a Summer house, unlike, for example, an Attefallshus. You get a building permit by contacting the municipality you live in. Talk to the city building administration or if you have something similar in your municipality.

Get help from an architect to make the drawing as there are many parts that must be matched to get a well-built and well-thought-out Summer house. It’s not something you should give yourself as a layman. When you have then received a finished drawing of the house, you need to contact a construction company that will build the Summer house itself. However, construction can not start until there is a foundation for the house to stand on.


The foundation for a Summer house needs to withstand tough conditions and be durable enough to be able to carry the house for many years to come. By building a Summer house with a ground screw, you quickly get a solid and solid foundation that is ready to build a house on as soon as the ground screw is in the hill.

The advantage of building a Summer house without casting plinths is that you do not have to dig in the ground or handle concrete. Digging to cast a foundation is a costly job that can involve the need for heavy machinery. Before the work with the construction can continue, you must also wait for the concrete to harden completely. When you choose not to dig or cast concrete, you therefore free up valuable time. This makes the ground screw a not only cost-effective but also time-efficient solution.

Building Summer houses with earth anchors is easy regardless of the time of year. By using a ground screw for the foundation, you also do not have to wait for the frost to disappear. This also means a significant time saving for you who build houses. Our ground screws are developed to meet the tough challenges posed by the Nordic climate. In the same way, they will be able to cope with the various stresses that different weather conditions contribute to, such as heat, snow and cold, for many years to come.

Should the surface be more porous or lie on a slope, there are no problems either. Our skilled fitters are knowledgeable when it comes to adapting both screw and length based on the conditions.


Our ground screws are available in several different designs and lengths to be able to be adapted to the specific circumstances that exist in each individual building. The length of the ground screws also needs to be adjusted for how big and heavy the Summer house will be. The larger and heavier the building, the longer the screw we use. We simply adjust the height of the foundation when the need arises. But with a cast foundation, any adjustment is much more difficult and can be very costly if bad luck should occur.

The ground screws are designed to meet most needs. The adapter screw is a universal screw that can be used for many different purposes. With custom accessories, you can attach most things to the adapter screw. The screw can be adjusted both laterally and vertically and is therefore good when you need to adapt with the precision required when building a house.

Our stainless steel beam screws are specially developed and adapted for horizontal beams and floors, for example when building Summer houses. As it is available in different sizes and not less than five lengths, you can always find the one required for the job. The pole shoe itself has a strong U-profile which means that the bars will be able to lie firmly in place.


In summary, it can be said that the list of benefits when you choose to build a Summer house without a terminal block can be made long. Ground anchorage that is screwed into the ground overrides in all respects the traditional way of digging and casting to get a foundation. In addition to the obvious benefits in time and money, there is also the environmental aspect. Concrete is not environmentally friendly, either in terms of manufacturing or transporting and using it. Using a ground screw is a much better alternative for the environment.
Our fitters are also very skilled and knowledgeable, which means that you can safely consult us to get the best solution for your surface and the conditions around the construction of Summer houses. Therefore, contact us when you are going to build your Summer house, for a secure foundation to stand on.