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Contrary to many people’s beliefs, it is possible to build very well during the winter months. Snow is just a form of rain and it settles on the surface of the wood without penetrating. The most important thing is that the roof comes into place.

But to even begin construction, you must have a foundation. You can not start it until you have been granted your building permit. If you do not get it before the frost goes down the hill, you can get into trouble and it can take many months before construction can start. At least with traditional foundations such as concrete plinths. We at Sluta Gräv have a perfect solution to be able to take advantage of the calmer winter months – ground screw.


Up here in the north, the frost can go as deep as 150 cm, but most often is around 60-80 cm. It is often so deep you have to dig to be able to anchor common foundations. If you use foundations that you have to dig down, your building will stand still until the ground has thawed, even if you get the building permit approved. If, on the other hand, you choose our ground screw, also called a ground screw or screw anchor, it does not matter if the frost has hit. Our ground screws give you a stable foundation even when the ground is hard. You do not have to dig, one of our fitters comes out to the construction site and pre-drills the hole to then anchor the ground screw.

It is also faster to get started with construction if you use a ground screw. Unlike concrete where you have to give it time to harden, you can start building with our products as soon as the fitter has anchored the ground anchor. So there is no need to use anything other than ground screw frost free or not.


If you have been in the construction industry for a while, you know how calm it will be with construction projects during the winter. Already ongoing construction projects can of course continue if the foundation is in place. But all new projects must stay on ice until the frost has left the ground. This often means impatient customers who want their construction project ready fairly immediately. If it is a conservatory or terrace, it should preferably be ready when the first warming rays of spring appear.

If you work with traditional foundations such as concrete plinths, you can not dig them down. But where you want to dig down a plinth, you can instead screw down an earth anchor. This means that you can start construction in the winter. It not only gives you more months of active construction, it gives more income to the company and satisfied customers.

By using a ground screw in winter, the building permit is the only thing you depend on to get started with your customers’ construction. You can easily prepare the conservatory, shed or pergola that should be ready to welcome the spring.

Our models

We offer four different models of ground screw depending on what ground conditions you are building on and what you are going to build. The length of the screw determines how much load and in what soil it is to be used for and mounted in. Our ground screws are galvanized and CE-marked and no matter which one you choose, they can withstand winter, cold and frost. Because we know how durable our screws are, we give a 25-year guarantee.

Our most common model is the adapter screw. It is perfect for, for example, if you are going to set up sheds at a workplace, build a greenhouse or Attefallshus or install solar cell systems.

The pipe screw we have in our range is a screw that simplifies for you who have companies that set up, for example, signs and trash cans. You simply insert the pipe that you are going to anchor into the mounted pipe screw. You make minimal impact on surrounding surroundings such as lawns and asphalt pavements because you do not have to dig.

If you often receive orders for building balconies or carports, our post screw is the best option. It fits the most common dimensions for studs.

Finally, our beam screw, which is for horizontal joists for floors, for example. It is stainless and because it comes in several lengths, you can even even out level differences.

For private individuals

How many times have you not enthusiastically planned a project in the garden when gardening and other things have calmed down in the autumn. You can already see the terrace with the grill in the corner and lovely lounge furniture to sink into as soon as the spring sun melts the snow. But regardless of whether you got your building permit or do not need one, you can rarely take advantage of the colder months because you can not dig when it’s frost.

Now you can spend the weekends completing your project if you use our earth screws. It is quite possible to put a ground screw in the frost. Our fitters anchor the ground screws for you. If you intend to hire someone, it is also much easier to get hold of professionals during the winter.

Please note that products you see in various DIY stores are not the ones we sell. With us, you buy a finished building foundation (the screw we anchor), regardless of whether it is for a terrace or shed. The products you buy in the trade, they can not withstand frost nor to be mounted in all kinds of soils. In addition, they can not handle the load that ours do.

Carefully measure where the ground screws are to be mounted before you book an installer, then the installer comes out to you and completes the foundation. When you use our products, you do not have to worry about a broken lawn or cracked floor tiles. Our fitters know what length you need, so you always get the right length for the right load.

Only benefits of ground screw

There are only benefits to using our screw terminals. In addition to being used during the winter and during frost, they are also more environmentally friendly than concrete plinths. Concrete plinths emit 50% more carbon dioxide than our screws do. The screws can also be recycled and the material can be reused, making it a very durable product.
But not only that, they do not rust but can withstand our Nordic climate with a lot of precipitation. If you also want to dismantle or move, for example, the guest house on the site, our ground anchors leave minimal damage when they are removed. They do not leave large holes as after rough concrete plinths you dig up.

When you choose us at Sluta Gräv, you get products that have been tested for load and pressure. They are also CE marked and ISO certified. We also provide a 25-year guarantee, both to private customers and companies. So do not think that it is winter and frost – get in touch with us to get started with your construction today.