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All construction projects have more or less environmental impact and it is always good to choose materials and working methods that affect the environment as little as possible. With a little environmental impact during construction, you can build a storage room, holiday home or a carport with a clear conscience. The environmental impact with a ground screw is much smaller than if you use concrete plinths, for example. This is because a lot of carbon dioxide is emitted during the production of cement.

Always keep the environment in mind when building

Environmental friendliness is at the center today and there are several ways you can build environmentally friendly. By using materials that can be reused and that last a long time, you are also doing good for the environment. We are proud of our ground screws that have little environmental impact in construction projects compared to many other anchoring methods. The carbon dioxide emissions during production are small in comparison with the production of concrete plinths.

In addition, the ground screws are very durable and by building things that last a long time, you also save on the environment. We provide at least a 25-year guarantee on all our ground screws. You also have the opportunity to both reuse and recycle them when you no longer need something you built before.

The concrete industry accounts for a large part of the carbon dioxide emissions in the world. Concrete is necessary in the construction of, for example, multi-storey buildings and industries due to their size. However, many people use concrete unnecessarily when it comes to anchoring smaller projects such as holiday homes, attefallshus, balconies and fences. Concrete is neither the most environmentally friendly nor the most cost-effective alternative for such projects.

Choose a ground screw for less environmental impact during construction

Attefallshus is a very popular ancillary building today and one can either lie on a cast concrete slab or on anchoring points such as ground screws or concrete plinths. However, you should know that a cast concrete slab contributes to 1,000% more carbon dioxide emissions than our ground screws do. There is no doubt that this is a very high figure.
When it comes to the concrete plinth, a well-used product in construction projects, it emits around 50% more carbon dioxide during manufacture than the ground screw. In addition, both concrete plinths and concrete slabs require much more work than ground screws. The ground screws are only screwed directly into the ground without you having to dig or transport large amounts of concrete. In addition, the installation of ground screw from Sluta Gräv affects your garden minimally.

We humans today are used to the fact that what is good for the environment usually costs a little more, or alternatively takes longer. However, this is not the case when choosing a ground screw from Sluta Gräv. It is an alternative that is faster and more environmentally friendly than the concrete alternatives.

Environmental friendliness is more than just waste sorting and recycling

Swedes build a lot in their gardens in general, it can be about smaller balconies and storage but also larger attefallshus and carports. Even if an individual does not make much difference to the environment, it is still always best to choose the most environmentally friendly alternatives. With a ground screw from us at Sluta Gräv, you can take on your construction projects without compromising on the environment. In addition, we take care of the assembly for you and you then start building immediately afterwards.

The ground screws do not leave a lot of soil and other things behind, which means that fewer transports are required. Transport also has a significant impact on the environment, but you do not have to travel back and forth when choosing a ground screw from us. We have them with us when we arrive and since no excavation is required, we do not need to carry any soil back with us.

Ground screws are recyclable

Our ground screws are made of hot-dip galvanized steel that can be recycled. This way, the material is not wasted when you are no longer in need of the screws. In addition, they leave very little damage to your garden, which is also positive for the vegetation and the insects. If you plan to move further ahead and want to be able to bring your storage or your conservatory, it is entirely possible with our ground screws. They can be reused, thanks to their high quality.
Sustainability is part of the environmental work and by offering you high-quality ground screws, we contribute to a more sustainable future. It is wise to choose as much recyclable material as possible for all your construction projects to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Lowest environmental impact with ground screw

Of the good alternatives available for anchoring, ground screws have the lowest environmental impact, which makes them the best alternative. There are also many other advantages of building with a ground screw, such as that they can be mounted all year round, can withstand harsh climates and can also be mounted through asphalt, stone and other ground conditions where excavation can be difficult. Stop Gräv’s ground screws are CE-marked and ISO-certified so that you can feel safe when using them.

Thanks to the many advantages of ground screws, there is no reason to burden the environment with concrete plinths unnecessarily. Burial and casting of plinths also takes a long time at the same time as it is stressful for the body. Save money and time while doing good for the environment by choosing a ground screw from Sluta Gräv.