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Are you eager to give the garden an extra dimension? With a pergola in the garden you get an extra room where you can eat, have coffee, socialize and enjoy the summer.

The construction of a pergola gives your garden a lift and creates an extra lush room. But what exactly is a pergola and what should you think about if you are going to build one?


The word pergola is Italian and means colonnade or leaf hall. A pergola can look in many different ways and fulfills several different functions. Many see it as a patio where family and friends can gather and talk, eat and cuddle. A pergola fits perfectly with climbing plants and then gives a lush and greenish impression while giving shelter and shade. Of course, it is also possible to stretch a canvas as a roof to protect yourself against worse weather.


Once you have planned and measured where you want your pergola, it is time to choose wood. Since the wooden construction is permanent, you should choose pressure-impregnated wood. This is because the maintenance of your pergola becomes easier – your climbing plants simply do not feel good about being cut down every year so that you can clean the wood. Depending on whether you intend to put a roof on your pergola in the future, it is important that you take this into account when choosing wood. It must hold for both the weight of the roof and for any snow load. However, many prefer to let the climbing plants grow and form a natural and lush roof. Keep in mind that your climbing plants will not only meander around the trusses but will also hang down. Therefore, you should have extra high to the ”ceiling”.


The pergola can advantageously be placed in many places in the garden. By combining with a windbreak, it is possible, for example, to create a lush and cozy leaf hall. The most common, however, is to place the pergola as an extension of the house. This creates an atmosphere of rooms on the terrace. Since many of the pergola’s plants feel good when placed in the sun, a southern location is excellent.