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A gazebo can be a peaceful oasis in a garden, but to succeed it requires a little thought. Where should the gazebo stand, what areas of use do you need and how advanced should the building itself be? We give you help along the way!

When it comes to gazebos, there are many possibilities and variants depending on which area of ​​use you have in mind. Is it a cozy coffee break during the hot months of the year with the family you see in front of you or do you even want to extend the summer season? Do you perhaps want the opportunity to use your gazebo as an orangery during the winter? Yes, as I said, there are many possibilities with a gazebo and here you get to know what is good to think about when you are going to build a gazebo.


Gazebos are often relatively small, and if you do not have any other complementary buildings on your plot, you do not need to apply for a building permit as long as the building is less than 15 m2. However, there are other rules to take into account: how close to the plot boundary it should be and how high you intend to build. Feel free to contact your municipality to see if there are any special rules you should consider.


Now begins the fun part of planning! Think through which areas of use you want to be able to use and what you need. Should it be a simpler gazebo with a roof or wrought iron? Or do you want window glass and be able to close yourself? An advantage of gazebos is that there is often good light entry and you therefore do not have to think about placing it in any particular direction.
You can also think about which places on your plot would be suitable for a gazebo. Is there already a stable foundation or do you need to make sure that the gazebo is stable and that it is anchored? It can also be good if the gazebo comes up a bit from the ground, to avoid rot.


Depending on how much you want to do yourself and how advanced gazebo you want, you have the opportunity to influence time and cost. If you do not want to build everything yourself, there are many different kits to choose from, with different degrees of difficulty. Another alternative is to take in professional help, but keep in mind that you are not entitled to a RUT deduction as a gazebo does not count as an extension to the residential building.


When the gazebo is finished, it’s time to create the cozy corner of the garden as it can be! For a homely and soft impression, you can use textiles: light, thin curtains (if there are windows), lots of pillows to sit on and tablecloths. It can also be an idea to think about how you want to use plants: meandering roses along the pillars give a romantic and dreamlike impression and invite to long moments in the gazebo!